A Community Center that Works

Located in the historic Nathan L. Bachman Elementary building, the Bachman Community Center's mission is to foster a sense of community by supporting programs and events that reflect the needs of all residents of Walden's Ridge, while continuing to preserve our historic building as a community resource.

Several groups use the center on a regular basis for their activities, including:

  • The Mountain Art Guild
  • Girl Scouts
  • Tutus & Tapshoes Dance Studio

Many other classes, clubs, and organizations can also be found at here, including groups devoted to gardening, painting, playing bridge, and more. Each summer, we host a variety of camps for the children of Walden's Ridge.

Bachman is also home to the Bachman Bargain Barn, a thrift store open to the public several days each week. Donations to the Bargain Barn are always accepted at the drop off location behind the building.

Interested in checking out a book or DVD? Check out the Bachman Community Library. Our free library is open to the public on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

The community garden offers locals the chance to show off their green thumbs in a sunny plot. Herbs, vegetables, and more can be grown here while you pick up tips from fellow gardeners.

If you need space for a gathering or other event, we've got you covered. We have classroom space, a cafeteria and kitchen, and one of the largest auditoriums on the mountain! Click here to find out more about renting space.

Want to know more? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

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